Cammy’s Connection

Thank you Camilla Ritchey and the Brighter Sky Foundation for the scholarship opportunities the past few years.

Cammy is the Director and President at The Brighter Sky Foundation, a non-profit organization in Texas helping young ladies. Cammy “Ran the Gap” with us in 2011, and even made a stop earlier that year to train on the course (and to get out of the Texas heat).

I, Mike Calley Race Director for Pocatello Marathon, enjoyed our training run time together. We REALLY appreciated the ice cold water stations provided by Lowell Hawkes that day! We shared many a story, and even how we volunteered to various organizations which provide young adults an opportunity to receive a college education.

Cammy made her mark on the Pocatello Marathon with $3,000 scholarships awarded to three young females; Clair Chow (21) in 2011 finishing with a 4:12:54, Kaitlyn Vance (20) in 2012 finishing with a 4:04:33, and Jacey Erickson (18) in 2013 finishing with a 5:29:11. Cammy’s mark is now on the course route name – Cammy’s Connection right between Cheop’s Corner and the Portneuf Gap. Thank you Cammy for providing these scholarships.  These three young ladies and the Pocatello Marathon say “THANK YOU!”  Hope we get to Run with you again soon!

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